What the Pros Say

"In my opinion Namix leads are one of the most significant developments in modern terminal rig technology since Nigel Forrest first developed the iconic Breakaway Lead. Namix leads will certainly help to increase your casting range and also provide phenomenal holding power in even the strongest tides, which consequently will help boost your catch rate"
Dave Lewis February 2010

The leads are flying about 7 to 12 meters further than the beach bombs , Next I make the leads to the correct weight and check again. The 4 ouns is 115 gram 5ouns 140 gram but the 6 ouns is right+- 175 and was on 5 casts with each type ,the namix was about 8 meters ahead of the beachbomb
Danny Moskops

I have fished for 35 years and I have never known a lead make such a difference in the distance that you cast until I used Namix leads. The Namix lead easily puts 20 yards on my cast when compared with other leads I have used. This is really an incredible lead and I will not now go fishing without namix leads.'
Roy Tapper

The Namix range of sinkers are superb. Their aerodynamic shape means my casting is smooth and long from the beach, and the deep grooves and strong wires ensure that my rig stays anchored, even in the strongest tide.
Paul Fenech




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